Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hopes go up.... then they go down!

So most of you know that Kay has been out of school all week. Last Sunday (the 15th) I thought she was starting some allergies, till she woke up Monday morning with a fever. So I decided to take her into her pediatrician's office. She had a left ear infection, and just a little pink right tonsil. So we were given a 5 day course of zithromax. All week she has ran a fever... at times as high as 103.2. We went back in today, because we are on our 4th dose of antibiotics... only one day left and she is still running fevers. Today her ears looked good! But her throat is full of puss pockets! They decide to run a strep culture and a mono test! They are kind of think the strep culture will be negative... because the zithromax would have taken care of it. And mono... could be possible, but it is rare in young children... usually mono is diagnosed in the teen years. In fact when I was in 9th grade, I had mono the whole semester of my freshman year... then we moved to Cali! LOL
The funny thing about Mono is.... symptoms are light sensitivity, neck pain, headaches... what symptoms does Kay have???? YES!!! All though her headaches and light sensitivity have been happening a lot longer than Mono would be, but.... I'm wishing for Mono.... because maybe some of her symptoms are from that, and not chiari. She still has chiari... but here is to hoping for Mono!!!

My hopes came crashing a little.. Kay was playing barbies... and came out telling me she is hearing a whistle in her ears, this has recently started happening... (her calling it a whistle). First time was at my parents house this past Saturday night. She had said, " hear that?... its a football whistle".... My dad was watching golf, no whistles in golf! Who knows... just another thing to start writing down! Kay has a notebook, I write all her headaches, ear pains, eye pains... etc. in. Still hoping for Mono... find out tomorrow or Monday!

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