Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Next MRI...

Just got a call from the neurologist office.... they made the appointment with OU Children's radiology department, and the soonest we can get in is June 1st, 7am check-in. YES! You don't have to tell me... I am asking the same thing....WTH??? Over a month! They gave me the number to the department... so I can call weekly about cancellations. I'm going to call them tomorrow around 6am... b/c our 1st MRI was scheduled at 2:30, but that morning they had called me at 7am... telling me they had a cancellation, and if I could make it in at 10am. So, I am hoping I call tomorrow morning early... any cancellation would be a ***miracle***(most likely not to happen)... but then I would just let them know to add me to the cancellation sheet, then I will start calling every week. Hopefully someone will cancel!
If not.... I guess we are waiting till June 1st! SUCKS!

So... I guess I can go ahead and let people know are dates for up north. July 23rd we have an appointment with Dr. Rekate at  The Chiari Institute,...NY and on July 27th with Dr. Ben Carson at John Hopkins...Maryland. Luckily Ben's family is all in Pa, and both place are about 2.5 hours from family. We haven't decided on when we are leaving OK for up north yet.... Ben & I need to talk about all that first.
So, Everyone keep their fingers crossed for a MRI cancellation!!!

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