Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Today was a good day!!!! Besides that our pediatrician is behind us, today we got to visit our OKC chapter of Ronald McDonald House. In New York we will be staying with the RMH, it has already been set up by Christine, Dr. Rekate's secretary. Who by the way... is awesome!! The RMH Charities collect tabs (like from soda cans) to help raise money for their organization. Believe it or not... these little tabs bring in a lot to them. Our family is so grateful for all the support we have had, and want to give back. But as you know, right now it is hard for us to do that. So I thought that we could collect tabs for RMH Charities, and when Kaylie goes to NY, she could give back to a charity that is helping us so much. I picked up 7 cute, little houses today... hoping to spread them around so we can have help in collecting them. I am going to try to put one at Ben's department, Library, City Hall, My mom's work, my mom's, and I have a couple extra. You can also send Kaylie your pop tabs if you would like to:
Kaylie Barnes
PO Box 7881
Moore, Ok. 73153

While we were there, we met some fabulous ladies that work there. They gave us a tour of the house, and explained what was offered to the families that come there. Meals are almost 90% taken care of at these houses by local volunteers. It was amazing to see how much our community pulls together, and helps people at difficult times in their life. I can not wait for when we are over this hurdle to volunteer some time at our OKC chapter.

So that was our day... a lot of happiness! Stay tuned for some exciting news on Monday about a fundraiser that is being done for Kaylie!! Let's just say do you bleed Crimson & Cream????

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  1. Hi There! My name is Alison Stow, and I am the wife of an OCSO deputy and a volunteer with Wives Behind The Badge. We are a support organization for families of law enforcement. We in the Oklahoma Auxiliary are going to be doing our best this summer to spread the word about Kaylie and helping to raise funds to assist with her medical expenses! Love to you all and most of all I am praying for Kaylie's complete healing!