Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello NY!

It was a long day, but we made it to NY! Kaylie did well on both flights, a little head pain... but not too bad. She was also a little nauseas on the first flight, but didn't get sick! I have to tell you how we helped Kaylie's head... because this was a huge concern to me, coming out here. So Kaylie prefers a heading pad for her head, ears & eyes. But, without a plug in... I wasn't sure what I was going to do, and she can't have her naproxen right now, due to surgery. So I made a mini heating pad...(see pic below) but it has 4 little pockets... and I placed a hand warmer in each pocket.... and wala!!! Mini heating pad... no cord! She loved it, and the hand warmers last for 10 hours... only .64 cents for a pack of two warmers!!

When we finally got to NY, we got our car, then went over to the Ronald McDonald House, checked in, they showed us around, gave us the house rules, then we had dinner. We have our own room with two double beds, TV, and our own bathroom. The house has a community living room, kid's play room, laundry room, playground outside, and kitchen. In the kitchen we have our own shelf in a fridge, and a shelf in a pantry... that's just for our stuff. There is a community fridge and pantry too, that we can help ourselves to. Every night at 6pm, dinner is provided to the house by a local restaurant or company... as charity. Tonight we had pot roast, veggies, mash potatoes, chicken, and pasta. It was really good. In the kitchen there are a lot of family tables, dinner is served buffet style, and we have to clean up our own dishes. They are very friendly here, and this is such a great organization! We only saw about 6 other families here, but the parking lot is full. We ran to Target to get a few breakfast cereals, milk, laundry stuff, and some snacks, and now we are calling it a night! Tomorrow, Kaylie just has Pre-op testing, at 9am.

Main Living Room
The house is a entertainment
Entry way into the
Children's Playroom

She wanted a pic taken!
Kitchen, its a big L-shaped

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