Friday, July 6, 2012


We were interviewed today by the Moore Monthly. We were asked about the typical questions about Kaylie, and how we found out about her Chiari.... But then, Ben & I were asked a question, that has never been asked of us.... and I think the topic of it is very overlooked when families face serious health conditions. " How are we doing as a couple with all this/ handling the stress of it all... and still maintaining a family" It was a few little questions... basically asking that.
I don't know if I have talked about it or not.... but the day we found out about Kaylie, we were driving home... and one of the first things I told Ben was that I didn't want this to come between us, and that we had to promise each other that. You hear stories of families breaking up over the stress of a medical condition... and its very scary. There are a few moms in the groups I belong to, that their husbands have left. It saddens me... because I do think it is so easy for people to walk away, and not deal with whats going on.
Ben and I are very good. In fact, we both feel like this has made us a stronger couple. That's not to say we don't have those arguments, or tiffs or anything like that... because we do. There are days that the tension is high, because one or both of us are so overwhelmed with everything that is going on.... or/and especially as the days get closer to the surgery date... I have noticed I have gotten a lot more emotional. Ben and I have been through a lot. He is truly my best friend, and the one and only person that really knows me. He knows everything. I don't know who I would be with out him, or where I would be. We were two completely opposite people that came together.... and has made it work. We have a frame in our bathroom that says, " I Love You Because..." and we have a dry erase marker next to it. We leave little messages to each other. I found this idea on Pinterest... (Love that site!) It nice, because it's just for us. Sometimes the messages are sweet, funny, sexy, loving.... but the other day Ben left me this one.... It made me cry... because I feel its the opposite for me.
I love you Ben, and thank you for being a wonderful husband and father!

This is one of my favorite pics! I know every photo I put on here, she is always smiling... but that's Kaylie, ask anyone, she is always smiling! Kay has been doing good... still the usual symptoms, I have noticed she has been getting more "forgetful". That's the word I use, instead of "short term memory loss". Today I asked her to put a DVD on top of the mantel... she was standing next to it... then I told her... the fireplace mantel... and she still was confused, and ended up just putting it on a little side table I have next to it. I know she knows what it is...
I also notice that she has been getting more picky about foods, we have stopped fighting with her at dinner time. She has stopped eating cheese, like cheese slices on hamburgers, she use to. She use to love grilled cheeses... doesn't want them anymore. She likes cheese sticks, that's about it. She eats a lot of PB&J sandwiches. Tonight I made chicken alfredo... she is not a big noodle person, but has always liked that... but not tonight!!
About 20 more days....

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