Friday, July 27, 2012

On the pediatric floor

After Kaylie got out of surgery today, she went to PACU. This is where they go to bring them out of anesthesia. When Ben & I went to go see her, she looked GREAT!!! She wasn't swollen or puffy in the face, her color was good, she was in and out, talking to us... asking for a drink, her cow, and stuff. She was trying to sit up, and has been changing positions on her own. She was in PACU for about an hour, then they moved her to PICU. She is still doing great, they gave her meds... and she is resting. She keeps asking for a drink, so the are slowly giving her sips of water. 

As for the surgery... Dr Rekate said it went very well, very smoothly, no complications. He said it was very crowded, so much so there was an indention on her brain from being pushed up against her spinal cord. They said as soon as more room was made... the cerebral tonsils popped back up a little, and the CSF flow is good. She has no staples or stitches on the out side, they use steri strips, kind of like heavy duty tape. These will come off on their own in about a week to week in a half. Tonight is just resting, keeping her meds maintained, and we will see Dr Rekate in the morning. 

I must say, Ben & I are so impressed with North Shore University Hospital, and the staff here. We are so glad we traveled here for this surgery. And Dr Rekate was outstanding!!! 

Thank you to all those that have been praying... now just to get through the next couple days. I will probably post the next update tomorrow, mid morning. 

Oh!! To our family in the waiting room.... Thank You for your support today, and Thank You for the stuff animals... she will love them, when she is more awake!!! Im still praying for a smooth & speedy recovery for your father!

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