Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our Other Two...

Many have asked about what will go on with Abby & Mason while we are gone. I am very lucking to have my parents in my life and be so close. And that the kids are all so very close to their grandparents too. Abby & Mason will stay back here at home with my parents. I'm sure they will have a good time, as they are very spoiled by them.

Mason, doesn't really know what's going on, he is only 2. Abby, does somewhat know. She does know we are taking Kaylie back to New York, and that she will have surgery to fix her headaches... but that is it. She has asked, will she go to sleep like I did for the MRI, and will it be fast like that. I told her yes. I will not share details with her, and I have assured her that she is going to do great, because Dr. Rekate is a great doctor, and does this all the time. She also knows God is watching over Kay too.
I am a little sad to be gone from them... so awhile back when we knew Kay would need surgery, I started thinking of ways to still be connected to them while we are gone. Of course we will Skpe with them every night, but I have some what calculated the time we will be gone, and wrote Abby a letter for each day. I put together this small gift bag... that has a card on the front, and it tells her to open one letter from the bag each morning. In these letters I talk, that Kaylie is doing well, that we miss them, I talk about school starting soon... all kinds of things. Some have little treats in the letters, things like that from the dollar store. Mason... well, he could probably care less, so I just got him a few treats in a bag... and called it a day.
We get asked a lot how Abby is doing, since she is the older one, or is she acting out because there is so much attention on Kaylie. The answers are always the same... she is doing well, of course she is worried about her sister... I think all siblings would be this way. But I have made sure this summer that she has had her own special times, and that it's not always about Kaylie. She is an amazing little girl, and such a big helper. They grow up so fast!

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  1. You are such a great mom, Amber! You really are an inspiration!! We love you!!