Saturday, July 28, 2012

Post-Op Day 1

So as y'all know last night was a long night. And she had stopped vomiting around 5:30am. Around 10am, since she was not vomiting... they let her have sprite.(She had been asking for sprite all night long) She was holding it down. Around 1pm, they said she could have a little lunch, and she did... she had even said she was hungry. But at 2pm... she started vomiting again. I think its the Morphine causing it, and she he is on two different anti medics. I had stayed till 2pm, waiting for Dr Rekate to come by... then decided to go ahead and go back to the RMH to do some laundry, and take a shower. Ben stayed with Kay. Of course while I am gone, Dr Rekate came by. I had left Ben with my list of a few questions. Dr Rekate, said to expect for her to still be this way tomorrow, but after tomorrow we should start to see a change. He said her incision looks great, no signs of CSF leak.

Something I did not tell everyone yesterday about her procedure was that besides having the Posterior Fossa Decompression surgery, Dr Rekate also did a C1 Laminectomy as well. I wanted to know why he did this, before telling everyone, so that I could let everyone know the reason. This is where they remove a small part of the Lamin of the C1 vertebrae. He did this to allow more room for the herniated part of the brain going down into the spinal column, and for there to be more room in that area for the CSF to flow. So yes, to those that are asking... she had a small piece of bone removed in her C1 and then also a small piece of the Occipital part of the skull removed. And the dura (outer lining of the brain) was opened, and patched (he used the inner lining of the skull for this piece...using her own material, = less infection and less rejection). Then a small, thin titanium bridge placed over the dura.

I then came back around 6pm... she was sitting in a chair, which she had done a few times today. The nurse was the first to help with neck exercises, then the Child-Life Specialist came in with her exercise chart, and her personal treasure box. If she did her exercises today, she got to pick a prize in her box. Ben said she did very good. Her neck is very stiff right now. While sitting in the chair when I got back, she started vomiting again. We cleaned her up, sponged bath her, and put some clean leopard pjs on. She also had her urinary cath removed, and her Aline IV removed, while I was gone.  So now she is just hooked to 2 IV lines (they are special ones with 3 ports each... first I have ever seen), BP, still electrodes on, and pulse ox. She then got back in bed, and has been sleeping. I am hoping for a more restful night for her. Last night and today was especially tough on us.... for me very emotional. But hopefully she will be getting better soon. Thank You again for all the continuous prayers, we appreciate it.
I also have to had.... these have been some of the best nurses, I have ever met... Amazing!!!

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