Saturday, July 28, 2012

Post-Op Night 1

Yesterday evening Kaylie started having a rough night. She started vomiting a lot. This went on every hour, hour and a half. At first they thought it was because she was drinking too much after taking oral Tylenol, but now they think she just hit that "second day" that everyone talks about earlier than most. They said, normally adults/kids just lay there, and sleep day out of surgery. Kaylie on the other hand was trying to sit up, literally right after surgery in PACU. She continued to be that way into the evening and night, at one point she tried to stand up.... mommy had to get involve, and tell her to lay her but down. Anyways... they seem to think because she was so active, and trying to be a little head of the game... the vomiting set in. They had already started her on Zofran, right before coming out of surgery, then she had more last night, since she was still vomiting, they did another anti medic too. She has only had Tylenol and Morphine for pain... and her pain levels are good... mainly her neck hurting. She keeps asking for Sprite... or should I say demanding it from the nurse and I! Which I uses is a good sign, they just keep telling her no, right now.... they wanted her stomach to settle down some. The attending neuro doctor came by this morning saying everything looks good, and that possibly later today they will take her urinary cath out, and some other wires. And she may get to have some sprite today. He said her incision looks great. Dr Rekate, should be in later this morning too. Last night I sent Ben back to RMH about 11pm, to get some rest... which was the best decision, just for the fact, I was up all night with her, being sick, and he is coming back this morning... and I can go shower, do some laundry (she got sick on a few of her favorites), and take a nap. We were told by Dr Rekate, and some other moms that have gone through this... to try to take shifts... so we both get rest. I truly feel like Kaylie went through the "bad second day" last night.... she finally stopped vomiting around 5:30am, and went to sleep. She has been sleeping since.
We will keep everyone posted....

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