Thursday, August 23, 2012

1 Month Post Op

Can you believe how fast 4 weeks have gone by!!! I couldn't be happier with how everything is turning out, I just hope it stays this way. I'm scared one day I will wake up, and she will have headaches or ear pains again. But as much as I do know this wasn't a "cure" .... I think she is going to be fine!
She has not taken Zyrtec in a few days, as you know she was taking this for the itchiness. I think it was more the steri strips and the tape adhesive that was causing all the itchiness, and maybe even irritating it. As you can see in her 1 Month Post Op Pic... it looks great! Hardly any redness, no swelling, no gaps!!! I did a lot of research on applying vitamin E oil to the incision area. There are a lot of people and medical people that say its a good idea, and that it helps with the scar. But there were also a lot that discouraged it, saying that some have skin reactions to the oil, sometimes even a soy reaction. I did try it one day... and it was on for about 30 to 45 minutes... and she started saying that it was really itchy, and she looked a little blotchy. I don't think Kay had a full blown "reaction" to the oil, but I do think it wasn't right for her. So, I am doing what Dr. Rekate suggested. I went out and bought Mederma. It's a scar healing ointment. It helps with fading the scar, and the actual incision line not being such a darker color than her skin. I bought the cream one... its like a lotion, and it also as sunscreen in it. The original is a gel like substance. It has sunscreen in it, because it is best to keep scars while healing out of direct sun light. We put a little on twice a day. I have only put it on for 4 days... and I do think it is helping! BTW... you can use Mederma on old scars too, not just new ones!

So, Why am I so finicky over her incision /scar. You know a lot of "Zipperheads" (that is a nickname a lot of chiarians call themselves, because of this scar)... are proud of it, because they have gone through so much. And I agree! I am VERY proud of Kaylie for being so strong. BUT... she is a girl, and at that a girly, girl. So if I can take care of her incision/scar to the fullest, to make sure it heals nice, and not as noticeable... I will. I don't want her being 15 or 16, wearing her hair pulled up for a special occasion, and being so self conscious of it. If I can help in that process, I will. I want her to be proud, but also feel good about everything!

On other notes... She is still doing well physically, with her recovery. I think she will be going back to school at the 6 week point. She is ready, I think she is starting to get a little stir crazy around here.
I have had a little more time on my hands right now.... and I can feel that my thought process has started to full on worry about Mason. I try to keep telling myself to wait for the next MRI. But its hard not to worry. least I know we have a great doctor working with us.

The Conquer Chiari Walk Across America is a month away!!! Its Sept. 22nd in Tulsa, Ok. I was asked to speak at it, along with a couple other people. I'm really excited. Also, I am holding OKC's first Chiari support meeting Sept. 5th. There is one sometimes in Tulsa... but there are a lot of Chiarians near the OKC area. I think we will have a good turn out, and I'm excited to turn this into something big!

I also need to take the time to continue to say "Thank You" to all of our supporters! The Love, Prayers, Support... everything means so much to us. We couldn't be doing it without everyone. ....Thank You!

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