Friday, August 10, 2012

2 weeks post-op

Kaylie is two weeks post-op!! And has been 24 hours free of a fever!!! Exciting, huh! We saw Dr Marcy yesterday, and all the strep tests came back negative. Everything looks good with her incision, but it was talked about that if the fevers continued the next few days, we would have to start looking into there possibly being chemical meningitis. And the way they do that is by spinal tap. Dr Rekate really doesnt feel that she has that, and really doesnt want a spinal tap done, unless she ends up on IV antibiotics. Luckily though, today has started a new change, and she is a lot more active & fever free!!! A mono test was done as well, yesterday. the rapid test came back negative, but the culture will take a few days. I know.... She just went through all this about a month and a half before surgery!

So, I am starting a new pic collage of incision healing. This is something, I wish I could have found from other chiarians... mine will start right out of surgery, 4 days after... then every week. This helps me as well to see if there is any swelling or redness occurring. Its sometimes hard, since I see it everyday. Im usually asking my parents, how's it look?, any changes?... so on. Plus... it may be a help to those that have to go through this as well, one day. The only problems when it comes to comparing, is that Kaylie had steri strips only. Some are done with sutures, and some staples. I can say, I really LOVE steri strips!!! Her's are starting to loosen, and curly up... in which I just trim off the part that is not attached any more. So you can now see the very bottom of her incision, and so far... it looks great. She has been picking at it some, because it is itchy. Dr Marcy suggested Zyrtec for that, in which Dr Rekate liked the idea as well. She has only been on two doses of Zyrtec, and it is working, because she isnt complaining about it itching anymore.

This coming Tuesday will be a busy day for us! At 10:30am, we go to meet her 1st grade teacher, and set up a plan for the next several weeks, since she won't be in school. She is super excited! then at 3:10, we have another appointment with Dr Marcy, just to recheck everything.
Hopefully getting over this bug, we can now start a more peaceful recovery!

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