Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rough few days...

Since being home, it has been a rough few days. On Monday, Kaylie started a low-grade fever of 99.8 that morning. I gave her Motrin, and it went down, and everything was fine for the rest of the day and night. Then yesterday, she once again had a temp of 99.8, did the same of giving her Motrin... it went away. By 5pm last night... she had a fever of 101.6, and complaining that her throat, and back of her neck was hurting. I decided to take her to the ER, which time we got there, she had a temp of 102.9. They gave her Motrin. Looking in her throat, they saw that it was white & bumpy... thinking it could be strep, they ran a test, it came back negative. They also ran blood work, urine test, and did a chest X-ray. All of those things came back good. They also said her incision sight looked very good, and that she wasn't having any signs of the chemical meningitis. The Motrin they gave her in the hospital brought her fever down, and we were released, after they spoke to Dr Marcy. Then at 3am, I went to check on her... and she was up to 103 for a temp... I gave her Motrin, the fever came down, and she slept in till 10am this morning. She woke up with a fever of 100.3... I gave her Tylenol this time, and it has stayed down since. We have an appointment tomorrow morning with Dr Marcy at 9am. She has just been laying around, resting. The ER also sent her strep test for a culture... I haven't heard back on that yet, but hopefully she has just picked up a little virus.

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