Thursday, September 20, 2012

2 Month Milestone...

I can't believe I look at a little girl each day, that went through such a hard and incredible brain surgery. It simply amazes me how one's hands could do miraculous things. Everyday I think about that moment Dr. Rekate walked out into the waiting room, to tell us he was done. It sends chills over my body remembering the "Congrats" from others, the hugs, the tears and the looks that Ben & I shared, as we "Thanked" God it was over.

I am posting this early, because our weekend is so crazy! Tomorrow Kaylie will be Two Months Post-Op, and if you didn't know her, by looking at her, you would have never known what all she has been through. She is doing AMAZING!!! This week she went back to school full days. She is not in PE, but  we aloud her to play at recess. That first day... I was on edge, thinking of all the possibilities that could go wrong, but she did great. She did come home Monday saying her head was hurting after recess... but i really think its all the healing that is still going on. I told her to take it easy.. not to be running around, but seriously... How do you tell a 6 year old not to run around. I think she will learn her limits soon.

This weekend we are attending the Conquer Chiari Walk Across America... I am so excited... just to be around all the other chiarians... to know we are all there as parents, spouses, and other friends & family members supporting one another. It's not too late to come out, Please join us, if your in the area!

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