Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can't Get Any Better...

Sorry I haven't posted recently, we had kind of a busy weekend, and beginning of this week. A few milestones were hit during this time! First, Kaylie hit her 6 Weeks Post Op!!!! YEAH!!!! She is doing so well, and her incision looks great too!
This is something I had put on my personal FB page for Chiari Awareness Month.
This is her incision at 6 weeks post-op
Also, Friday.. Kaylie & I had gone to her school and did a meet and greet with her class. It gave them a chance to learn a little bit about Kaylie, why she had been out of school, what her incision looks like... and to ask any questions they might have. I did this, for the simple fact, that I didn't want Kaylie going back to school, and her class grilling her on why she was gone, or .. one day she may wear her hair in a ponytail, and kids start asking what was on her neck. I don't want her to feel overwhelmed... so we went in, and met the class. They were all so cute, and kind.... it really is a good group of kids! When we got done talking about Kay, we gave them each one of her bracelets, and then let them ask questions.... there was more talk about loosing teeth, than her chiari.... Oh, and why was purple the color for chiari. And all though they don't understand it all... that was the point! For them to see it, hear about it, then forget about it! And now, they will never care what that little line is on her neck!

Monday, was her first day of 1st Grade!!! I was so nervous, she was a little upset the night before... but when i picked her up... she said she had a "Great Day"!!! I was so happy!
On another note... last Wed. I held OKC's first Chiari Support Group meeting. It was great! We had 7 of us there... including Kaylie. I think as we continue to have them, the group will grow. I also have some BIG news to announce after the Conquer Chiari Walk, on Sept. 22nd.

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