Sunday, September 30, 2012

Power of Prayer

I wanted this to be it's own post, so I am writing it today, because I feel in the days & weeks to come I will be posting a lot more frequently. I don't ever talk a lot about religion, I don't know why, I just don't. But today's post is about prayer... and my thoughts on it.
Last night Kaylie & I went to Saturday evening Mass. For those that don't know what "mass" is... I am Catholic, and that is the term used for church service. When we typically go to Mass, we usually go on Sunday mornings, but I went to the Sat. evening one, because there was a lady I wanted to meet. Her name is Barbara... and I know she is reading this now. She has always kept up with Kaylie's blog, sent cards... and I know she prays a lot for Kaylie, and our family. I didn't know much about her, until after I announced that I was leading an ASAP Chapter for Oklahoma... she immediately sent me a letter. She has a condition called Scleroderma, and she is the Vice President of their Chapter for Oklahoma. She told me about the same struggles that Chiari has, and how their biggest goal was educating the doctors as well. She also told me about a program that OU Medical puts on yearly called Continuing Professional Development, and how they bring in well known doctors or speakers of a condition... for other local doctors to come to a 4 day seminar to learn more about different medical conditions. Barbara gave me all the info to contact the right person to get involved with all this.
Anyways... Barbara gave me her number, and I decided to call her... for one, I want to Thank her again for all her support, and tell her how much it means to us. We talked for awhile, and she told me she went to the Sat evening Mass. Kaylie & I went... Ben had a really bad headache. So, we went, we met Barbara... such a lovely lady. She told me at the end of Mass, on every end of the month that Father did the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Basically, personal blessings. Barbara asked if Kaylie & I could join her.... and of course we did. Here is where my post comes in about Prayer.

I know thousands of people have said prayers for Kaylie, and our family. But, there is something different when a Pastor does it.... at least I think so. Father went around with oil, and blessed all that was there, mostly elderly, Kaylie was the only child. And of course I broke down. You know, I did this the last couple times she was blessed. When we were at St. Patrick's in NY, and then in the hospital, a Rabi came by her room (North Shore is a Jewish Hospital). But this time, I really thought to myself I wouldn't break down... I have been dealing with all this for the past 7 months. I had thought I was past that point of getting teary eyed all the time. The kicker of it all... I really don't know what set me off. Was it the fact that here is this child amongst all these older people.... or have I not come to terms with it all? I know she will deal with this the rest of her life... right now.. things are really good, but I can't help think what goes on when she gets older. As we walked to the car yesterday evening, Kaylie asked if I was crying "happy" tears (because that is what I tell her all the time)... and I told her yes, I was happy that she was blessed, to help her, and that I was happy she was doing well. Little does she know I was crying because I hope everything I am doing ... is the right thing, in setting up the road ahead of her for her future. I hope one day when she is older she continues this blog, is the leader of the chiari support group, or takes herself to be blessed.... because she is so strong.... because of prayer.

I believe in prayer... more so now, than I ever have. I believe prayer got her through her surgery, and prayer is what will get her through the rest of her life.

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  1. I completely agree. Prayer is powerful because the One we pray to is powerful. Talking to Him changes everything. "Call to Me and I will answer, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know." Jer 33:3

    God bless you Amber!