Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the road again...

Headed North, yes right into Hurricane Sandy! Kaylie has a MRI just to recheck everything. And Mason is having his flex/extension MRI so we can figure out more on his condition. We don't have to be in NY till the 1st, so we are going to stay in Philly with Ben'a family during the storm. Hoping we will be able to head in afterwards. TCI called me the other day to confirm appt. so things are still a go.

On another note: some know that Kaylie has been sick this past week. She was fighting, we guess a bad virus again. She had a sore throat, really high fevers, just not feeling well. We took her twice to our pediatrician, who ran strep swabs and culture... Both were negative. It lasted all this past week. She is doing a lot better, still has a cough here and there... But for the most part on the mends!
We will keep everyone updated!!

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