Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crazy Couple Days

Where to begin!!! We arrived in Ohio Sunday afternoon, got into a room, had dinner... then was watching the weather, and decided it would be best for us to go ahead and drive into Philly. We left, and arrived in Quakertown, Pa (a little north of Philly, this is where Ben's brother lives) around 6am. When we got there, we crashed! But we beat the storm! The storm hit, we lost power. There was a lot of wind and rain, but not a lot of damage. We had a generator, so they were able to take care of their sub-pump, and have some light. Yesterday(Wed), they still did not have power, and trick-or-treating was canceled till Sat, so we decided to go ahead into NY, and check in at the Ronald McDonald House(RMH). We took the Lincoln Tunnel, ended up downtown.... big mistake. Half of the city has power, half does not. After driving around for a few hours we got out of the city, and arrived at RMH around 9pm. We got the kids fed, showered, and we went to bed.

We are now at North Shore Hospital, getting Kaylie's 3 month check up MRI and Mason's flex/extension MRI. Mason just went back, it should take him about 40 minutes, then they will do Kay. TCI was closed yesterday, I have not called today to see if they are open... but our appointments with Dr. Rekate aren't till tomorrow(Friday). I plan to call around later this morning to see where things are at... so we shall see.

Everybody is safe, and doing good. Just plans have change a lot! Will update everyone later!

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