Thursday, December 27, 2012

Are the holidays over yet???

I love Christmas! I love all the decorations, all the fun traditions, being with family, the lights... everything. BUT, I am also glad to see it go! By the time Christmas Day comes, I'm ready to be done... to have my house back, and have everything be where it is suppose to be. So if you are like me... I bet your tree is already gone... mine is!
We had a great Christmas, and we are all well!!! That's a Christmas miracle itself. Last night Abby stayed the night at one of her friend's house, and I took Kaylie to Target to exchange one of her gifts that was missing a part. On the way home, out of the blue... she starts asking me questions. She first asked, "Is this thing on my head going to be there forever?" I asked, "your Chiari scar?" She answered, "Yes". I then went into this huge explanation, that yes it would be, but because we had such an amazing doctor for her, and that he knew how to do things, that as time goes on, and as she gets older, that you would hardly be able to see it. I tried to tell her its a part of her, and it stood for how strong she is. Then she asked the question I thought I would never hear her say, "Did they open my head up?" I couldn't believe she asked it so bluntly. I told her yes. She said that must have been scary, and I told her that her dad and I were very scared. She asked if her dad was in there when they did it, I said no, that he just took her back to the surgery room, but that it was scary to us because we loved her so much.

I never ask her questions about what she remembers, or if she wants to talk about any of it, because if she wants to know something, and when she is ready... she can ask us. But it does make me wonder what goes on in that head of hers. After those couple questions, that was it... she went on to talking about how old Abby was when she was born.

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