Saturday, December 15, 2012


Kaylie hit 5 months post op yesterday. The day started out ok... when I picked her up from school, she had a headache. I kind of blew it off... thinking it was weather related, because Ben had a headache too yesterday. We had plans to go out with friends last night, and by the time we were headed out the door, she still had a headache. I gave her Naproxen. An hour later she still had it, but seemed to be doing ok, because she was having fun with Abby & her friend. The night went on, things were good... till on the way home. Meltdown. Not too bad of one, but it had me a little worried.
Today she started to have another bad headache... in the front & back of her head. At one point she complained her ears hurt, and her neck hurt. She didn't want to take anything... so I let her be, finally around 3pm, with her acting like it was worse I made her take some Motrin, and go lay down in my bedroom with a heating pad. It seems to have help a little, but hasn't taken the headache all away. 

Since surgery Kay has done A Lot better. She will occasionally get small headaches... which I say are always due to weather... but nothing like she use too. Since we had met Dr. Rekate back in June, I had stopped keeping track of all her symptoms... just because she was having surgery... I felt it wasn't needed. The first time she had a headache after surgery... I thought to myself I really needed to keep track of when things happen, just to be on the safe side.... I keep putting it off. I don't know why, because its as easy as writing it down on a piece of paper. I think I am scared to keep track of it. Every time we have one of these days... I find myself panicking that things are going to start to go down hill, or was it really ok to register for that class. I am kind of scared to plan things out... not knowing how things will be. I know I should say everything is going to be fine.... but there is just that part of me that is uneasy about things. 
I asked some friends on FB about what they used to track symptoms. I use to have a binder that I kept, ... I guess like a symptom diary. But I wanted this time, something that would graph out... so I could see  the distance between each episode. I found this app for iphone, iPad, and itouch. Its called Health Manger... it was like $3.99. I started it today, I can add in symptoms, track medications given, notes, then it will show you graphs ... and I can even import/export the info. I'm going to try this for Kay & Ben. 

Anyways...besides that today is kind of a bummer day... things have been good. I think i just worry about the future. 
To those that got on my blog today looking for Elfy... I just sat her in the tree today. I kind of wasn't in the mood last night, for anything crazy. Yesterday was an emotional day for the US. Our thoughts & prayers go out to all the families in CT. With having three young kids, two of them in school... I can't imagine going through that.

UPDATE (9pm).... So Kaylie has a fever! I guess she is coming down with something. All of my chiari friends have reminded me that headaches are much worse when sick... hopefully she will get better before xmas!

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