Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mason & Speech

So when we saw Dr. Rekate last, he knew Mason was getting speech therapy, but wanted us to increase it to twice a week. Mason now is in the public school system, and sees the same speech therapist that has worked with the girls at school. You have no idea how blessed we are!!! Kelli is GREAT!!! The girls have so much improvement working with her, so I was ecstatic when I knew she was going to be working with Mason. She has been working with Mason for a few weeks now, and things are going well. Mason is very comfortable with her, which helps a lot! Kelli did suggest that Mason needed some peer interaction, being around kids his age would possibly help his speech a lot. Because of Mason's condition he could get services with the public school's pre-school 3 year old class. This class is only for really delayed 3 year olds, which Mason's speech qualifies him. Kelli & I went to check out the class this past week, unfortunately we both agreed that the children in the class were more cognitive delayed, where Mason is not at all, its just his speech. So, with that said, we both agreed it would be a good idea to put him in a Mother's day out program twice a week, and to continue his speech therapy with her twice a week. So I enrolled him at our church, which has a great Mother's day out program... I know the ladies that work there, and in fact the girls went there when they were younger. Right now they only have Mondays available, so we are on a wait list for an opening on Wed. He will start this Monday, we are very excited! I think this will be really good for him.
Because of all this needed therapy and peer interaction for Mason, it has made our schedule a little hectic. I had enrolled for the spring semester back in the beginning of October, thinking things after Jan. would be back to normal. My classes really conflict with Mason. So, with a lot of thinking, looking over schedules... and some tears (I won't lie)... I dropped one class, and moved the other one to different days. I will only be taking my A&P class now next semester. Both Ben & i talked about it all.... we are in no rush for me to go to work, or finish school... so taking my time on it isn't a problem. And right now, Mason is more important. So, I will take my four hour class in the spring, and focus a lot on getting Mason's speech better! Everything will work out!

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