Monday, February 11, 2013

We are at Home!

So, Kaylie is home now... everything went well. She did wake up out of anesthesia very mad, and violent. She was hitting & kicking the nurses and I. I have such a strong side, or front that I put on... but when t comes to coming out of anesthesia.... I break down. I hate seeing her that way, I feel so helpless. But, I'm glad its over with, she is at home & sleeping and hopefully she will no longer get sick all the time now. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. When you have a chance, would love to hear an update on how she is doing today. Miss you guys and love yall! It was so great to see yall this past weekend! I am praying for an easy recovery (as easy as it can be...on all of you all)! Love Liz

  2. Dear sweet ones,
    My friend that I wrote you about in months past is having her surgery tomorrow, Valentines Day in Denver; please pray for Debbie. I see you have a button for your daughter; I will post it on my quilting blog me know if I can ever assist you in making your sweet ones a quilt. Blessings! Karen