Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We added an Ophtho doc to the list....

I feel like I am always apologizing for not keeping up.... sorry :/
What's been going on....everything! lol Kaylie is enrolled in summer school, this will help with her reading and math skills. In Sept. we are having some executive functioning testing done. And we saw an ophthalmologist today. It never ends! I don't know why I think it does sometimes, but it doesn't! I should first say that Kaylie has complained on several nights, when going to bed that her heads hurts when she lays down. At first I thought she was being dramatic over that her older sister gets to stay up late, until it has happened while Abby was gone. on really bad nights she will use a heating pad or prop her pillows. I also thought it was due to weather change... all the crazy cold fronts that would come in/ going from 70s to 30s. But what got me really worried was last week while doing her reading homework, she was struggling. I asked her what was going on, she said she sees two of the same words under the sentence. (double vision) She said it only happens when she reads, and i was ok with everything, until this past weekend and she started saying everything was in twos. Ben then checked her eyes for nystagmus... said he saw a little in both eyes. I immediately got a hold of her pedi, and emailed her NS, her pedi got us into a really early appointment with a ophthalmologist today.

The appointment went really well!!! We saw Dr. Trigler at The Children’s Eye Care Center in the city. He was AMAZING! He knew about chiari, and all the weird things that go a long with the possibility of Intracranial Hypertension (IH). Which is refreshing… I didn’t have to get out all my info!
Anyways… we were there till about 10:30… they ran a bunch of tests, and dilated her eyes. He said that he did see a little papilledema (optic nerve swelling), but not even enough to call it mild… almost not enough that he said it could have easily been missed. He said the disk looked good, but the edges seemed a little rough. But the form (I guess the curve of it was good). He also said that her venous pulsations were very good, and present. But because of the papilledema, he sent us over to OU/Dean McGee Eye Institute to get an ultrasound of her eyes. Within about two hours of getting it, he called with the results, and said there wasn’t any fluid in the optic nerve, but there were some drusens (these are like calcium deposits), he didn’t seem to worried about them. He kind of thinks that the double vision is coming from an outer surface issue of the eye.. like dry eyes, and wants us to try putting in artificial tears, to see how that helps. But, if this progresses and gets worse, and other symptoms come on worse… like headaches, nausea/vomiting, and dizziness/clumsiness. Then I need to call him immediately. The next steps would be to check everything again to see if changes have occurred, and then unfortunately a spinal tap, to check the actual pressure in her head. If it ever got to that point, we would head NY. 
So the plan is right now, to gather all the information and send it to Rekate to get his opinions… and I'm thinking we are going to kind of watch it all. Intracranial Pressure is defiantly a road I didn’t want us looking at…. The thought of spinal taps and possible shunts scare the crap out of me. But right now I think things are ok… we will see what her NS says, and go from there!
Kaylie in the kids area of the waiting room at
Children's Eye Care!

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