Thursday, August 21, 2014

Still Waiting….

Still haven't heard back from anyone at TCI or Dr. Rekate…. my nerves are really starting to take a toll. I feel like I am constantly stalking my email account…. hoping to see his name pop up. This wait is normal, those that know TCI (The Chiari Institute) sometimes, they do a review board over MRIs… so its just not one neuro doc looking at your scans. just keep waiting…

On another note… Kaylie's 8th Birthday was a few days ago! Can you believe she is 8 now….
She had a skating party with some of her friends… she had a great time, and she did so well out on the skating rink. Never fell. We didn't make her wear a helmet…. it was in the car (just in case), but I knew she would be holding on to the side wall most of the time… like I said, she did great! 
fake glasses…. lol, she is so cute!
The kids started their new school yesterday…. they did great! And this mama never cried! They all liked it, I think Kay & Mason are a little nervous, but that's to be expected. I was a little worried about Abby, … at her age, a lot of the kids know each other… but she said she met 5 new friends, and sat by them at lunch… she is her mom's personality… so she will be ok! 
I know… they are getting so tall!!! 
Well…Im wearing bracelets, and posting… hoping my rituals will take effect, and I will hear something soon! 

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