Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Heart...

Kaylie had a cardio appointment this past Thur. Was to check out her murmur, that she has had for a long time, to clear it for surgery. We did this two years ago as well. Something came up on her echo, at first the Cardio PA called it “casting” kind of like scar tissue…. I think it was originally thought this b/c they thought she may have had a PICC / Central Line from her first surgery. But Kaylie did not have one. Another Cardio doctor looked at it, and it is located in her very top of her right atrium, and it’s stuck to the wall of the heart. They think its either a blood clot or and infection. They told us if it is a clot, that we don’t need to worry if it got loose, it would not travel to the brain, it would go into her lungs. They think her lungs could handle it, b/c of its size. Then the next day on Friday, we had to go back, and Kaylie got a blood culture done. This will tell us if there is an infection in her blood, to have caused an infection in the heart… if its not an infection, it could be a clot. Then we will go from there.
My thoughts: I’m hoping its an infection… that the only logical thing I could think, b/c she did have the Flu/Strep a few weeks ago. The culture takes a week long. Im not sure where this is going to put us with everything. The PA, thinks she will still be able to have surgery, but we will figure out everything after we find out the results. 

How am I??? Im upset. Im scared. I know they told me not to worry… but to be honest, how can I not. If its one or the other… neither one should be there. Im just really hoping we aren't starting on another issue in life… 

The day we went for the blood culture was her Valentine's Party at school… her class party was in the morning… so we went to the party, then went to get the blood culture done… Kind of symbolic since it was heart awareness week! 

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