Sunday, March 22, 2015

All In A Week….

It amazes me how fast time flies. First, We are back home in Oklahoma now…. and Kaylie is doing good!!

Last Monday, she was discharged from the hospital. Dr Rekate came in that morning and was so happy with how Sunday was for her. We headed back to RMH, to rest & relax.
Good Bye Hospital!!!

Her friend Nic, was discharged the same day!
He also has Chiari & some related conditions. 

We played LOTS of games…. PS ~ I despise Uno now! 

….and drank hot chocolate… and more games!

Therapy Dog Nights!!
On that following Thursday we went for our follow up appointment with both doctors. They were happy with her progress, talked about physical therapy, and cleared her to travel home!
Waiting to see the doctor! Why Yes! That is an ASAP brochure
in the back ground!!! lol
Friday came, and so did a snow storm! We woke up early that morning, packed things up, checked out…. which by the way…. THANK YOU to the anonymous person who paid for our stay at RMH…. it was much appreciated! We left RMH, headed to Ben's dad's house in Philly. We stayed the night, then got up really early Saturday morning to fly home!!

Next Stop…. Oklahoma!!!
The first flight was really rough…. she got very sick on the plane, we think it was due to the pressure changes, when we got to our next flight she fell asleep before we took off, and didn't wake up till it was time to walk off the plane. Saturday when we got home… we were so happy to see Abby & Mason, and the rest of our family…. so good to be home! Kaylie laid in bed most the day… she was very tired from all the traveling.
2nd flight… trying to recover from the first. 
Kaylie wanted me to share this video with everyone…. she did it while at the Ronald McDonald House.

Today was a good day…. hung around the house… this coming week should be relaxing. We see her pediatrician on Tuesday, and hoping to get her PT set up for the last week in March. She is doing well pain wise…. doesn't really need a lot of pain meds… she is actually doing really well. When she does "too" much is when things start to bother her. I keep telling her to slow down, take it easy… but you know how 8 years old are! ;)

And like last time, I will post her incision pics. I was really glad I did this last time, and that I had posted her recovery last time… I was able to compare things, and how she is doing.
The photos are marked, first one included her drain that was in place.
This time we can see the redness, and the scabs… b/c last time she had steri strips.
She did not have steri strips this time due to the drain, and the wanted it to air out
and be able to see it as it started healing. Her incision pics from last surgery
are under "About Kaylie" tab.

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