Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Daddy/Daughter Dance

This has been a good week! Kaylie had a couple headaches, but our weather has been a little crazy… from mid 60's then to really cold… not good for chiarians! But, she is always a trooper. This week I also had Kaylie's yearly IEP meeting, went as planned, everything is really good… the school has been amazing with her! We did change how she is given spelling test a couple months ago. This was something that was actually suggested from her neuro-physch several years ago. I never pushed it, and no one ever put it into practice. But her teachers this year suggested it. Instead of the spelling words being called out to her, they give her a test where she has to choose the correctly spelled word, out of a group of words that all look and sound similar. Her spelling tests grades have dramatically gone up.
We have been a little concern with her memory, and we are looking to get her into a new neuro-physch that takes our insurance. But, Im not in too big of a rush for this, due to I think swelling takes awhile to go down from these types of surgeries… and I want to give her that year of healing before anything.

Daddy/Daughter Dance was this past weekend. Ben & the girls had a blast! As they got ready for the dance, I couldn't believe how much they are growing up…. before I know it, they will be getting ready for a Prom!

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