Thursday, June 23, 2016

1 Year Post-OP CT of Cervical Fusion

We went up to NY for Kaylie's 1 year post-op checkup for her cervical fusion surgery she had back in March 2015. Beside us seeing Rekate, the reason to go up to NY is for the CT equipment that they are able to do. They of course did regular CT, but also did a 3D CT. The images below are all the 3D images. Besides that they are so cool.... I truly wish this was available to all patients.

All the darker yellow/orange around the screws and rods are new bone growth

When viewing the images on the CD, I can physically rotate the skull... this type of imaging is simply amazing!
As for the check up... Everything is great!!! He said her fusion has really taken well, so well that if she needed to have the rods & screws removed it would be ok. She does not need to have them removed at this time. Last year during her surgery, he had told us about retiring in a few years, well his retirment will be coming sooner, so this is probably the last time we will see him. Im so fortunante to have had him as a surgeon for my daughter. He was the best decision we made 4 years ago. Im so sad to see him leave, but happy that he will get to spend more time with all his grandkids (he talks about them all the time). We currently don't have another NS lined up, but have spoken to him about one doctor, that will happen to be closer to us in Springfield, MO. In a few months I will look more into her, and some others, just to have someone lined up. But, Im not worried. For once I feel really at peace of where she is at with all this.
We have also enjoyed a few sites, and spending time with all of Ben's family in PA. Its been really nice.
We "Thank" him, for saving our daughter's life, and giving her back
the quality of life a child deserves. 

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