Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The MRI is done!

Checking In!

We checked Kaylie in at 10:45am, about 11:15, they took her back, we got to go with her. At 12pm, they started the gas, we got to be with her, until she fell asleep. At 2:15 we were called back, she was done... but still sleeping. She was really cranky, and mad... they said that was typical of anesthesia. I did get 3 copies of the MRI, so that I can give to the neurosurgeons. They had told me before that they could give me an unofficial radiology report, but then after she was done, they said they couldn't. They also said it may take 7 to 10 days for the report to be done. I was told that last time too...but found out results the following Tuesday... from a Friday MRI. So, hopefully we will hear something soon from her neurologist.... but you know how it goes... Another Wait Game!! Thanks to everyone sending good thoughts her way today! We really appreciate it!!

Kaylie trying to wake up!

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