Friday, April 3, 2015

3 Weeks

Kaylie was 3 weeks post-op on Wednesday. Things are really good, slow… but good. I can't complain how well her incision is healing… it looks great!

Her 3 week pic looks a little irritated, but that's from the brace. She just got out of the bath that night, and had been wearing her brace all day. I should take the photos in the morning… b/c it looks better… kind of like her 2 week photo. I'm still having to help her bathe, get dress… her neck muscles are still very stiff, and they will be for awhile. She started physical therapy last week…. she loves it, she says she feels "loser" after she is done. We have a couple home exercises that we do between PT visits. I will write about those in another post soon. She also started her home bound program from school. Her teacher is Abby's Pre-K teacher from a few years ago. So, its nice to know the person that is at our house.
Pain wise… is good! She actually doesn't take a lot of meds, usually by the end of the day, she says her neck is tired… so i give her something… she still wears the brace a lot…
My only complaint is how tired she is. Fatigue has always been an issue with Kay…. and I think I use to blame it more on the headaches… but it does make me wonder. She sleeps 12 hours a night, in the morning it is so hard to get her out of bed… its a really big struggle. She tells me a lot she is tired too. I know she is only 3 weeks post op…. but I really don't think she should be this tired all the time…. and this happened a lot prior to surgery too. Something to watch.

Its been hard to get back into a routine for our house. But I think we are slowly getting there. All of everything that has gone on, as taken a toll on me too. I'm starting to feel very withdrawn from Facebook, chiari awareness… being involved with things socially for a good cause. I don't know if its I'm just emotionally & physically tired, or if I am wanting not to be so involved in things. I need time for me, my family… I think I'm still worrying about Kay a lot too.
Ive been gardening a lot lately… and it is SO nice. I feel like I'm away from the outside world.

On another note… Anytime I am out with Kay, she probably gets asked at least 3 to 4 times a day, "Oh, Honey…. What Happened?" It's kind of got annoying… to the point we are starting to come up with funny little off the wall stories. Then of course we tell people the truth. But its funny to watch people's expressions!
The first one Kay said… was we walked into the pharmacy and the clerk was all, "Did your brother beat you up?" (Mason was with us)… Kaylie turned around, and looked at me, then at the clerk and said, "Nope.. I fell off a unicorn." So nonchalant and everyone at the pharmacy started laughing. So,  later I will have to tell you our 25 top stories we tell people! LOL
Easter is this weekend… we are excited to spend it with our family, my parents, my grandparents, Aunt, my brother & his wife. We haven't really seen anyone since we have gotten back. It will be a good Sunday. We hope everyone has a wonderful & blessed Easter! xoxo

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