Monday, July 30, 2012

Released From the Hospital!!!

Kaylie got to go home to the Ronald McDonald House tonight!!! She did well in her MRI, woke out of anesthesia, we walked around a little, then were told we were going home!!! She was so happy! We will be staying at RMH relaxing, resting and recovering, till we see Dr. Rekate later this week. I was happy to be leaving with her, but sad to say good-bye to some amazing people at North Shore Hospital. It was so nice to have doctors, nurses, and other staff members "get" the condition my daughter has, what she has been going through, and to be able to know how to help her. I want to say THANK YOU to the best anesthesiologist we have ever had, Dr. Meera Suresh Goradia, MD, she was in with Kaylie's surgery, and did her MRI. The nurses: Laurie, Terry, Carol, Christine, and Beatrice. The Child-Life Specialist: Elisa & Jessa, and of course to the man that has made my daughter's quality of life better... I can never Thank him enough, Dr. Harold Rekate.

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